Our Story

ICHIYO’S Matcha Bar was borne out of a sincere love and healthy respect for Japanese tea culture, as well as for all things Matcha! We believe in uncompromising quality and the continual pursuit of excellence in what we offer.

Literally meaning, “one leaf”, in Japanese, ICHIYO’S captures the cultural origins of matcha as well as the essence of tea in a single word.

Offering drinks such as usucha, matcha lattes, and blended matcha frappes, ICHIYO’S Matcha Bar debuted at Hawkers Market on May 30th, 2015 to great success, followed by an equally successful pop-up at MacArthur Glen during the new airport outlet mall’s opening weekend on July 9th of the same year.

Our philosophy is to continually pursue excellence. Therefore, we have chosen to specialize in matcha only, as we feel it is the best way to achieve both the highest quality and the fairest price possible.

As a new Vancouver start-up, ICHIYO’S Matcha Bar is currently pursuing additional pop-up opportunities as well as searching for a suitable retail space to open its first permanent location.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to grow.

Thank You!